Fred Jones

About Me

I am an Epic Applications Analyst currently leveraging my expertise to support a national health system by implementing, maintaining, and upgrading Epic modules ensuring seamless clinical workflows and improved patient outcomes. I am cuurently certified in Epicare Ambulatory and possess a degree in Health Informatics. I have held various positions in the healthcare field. My experiences have instilled a passion for the fusion of healthcare and technology.

I am a native of Savannah, Georgia. My early hobbies included building computers and have now shifted to upgrading laptops. I also like to watch rocket launches.



1 year

5 year 

10 Year

Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Focused on improving workflows: I always assess ways to safely improve the efficiency of workflows.

Consumer of Knowledge: I am a lifelong learner who constantly seeks to improve my knowledge. I am always reading new material.

Strategic Planner:  I am good at seeing things that other do not initially see and will come up contingency plans. I am also a long-range planner.